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North Carolina Divorce and Legal Separation Attorney

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Since 2000, Steven C. McRae has helped clients in North Carolina. Steven C. McRae brings extensive experience and insight into his family law, workers' compensation and personal injury practice. Combining that background with compassionate representation generates results for you.

Helping Injured and Grieving Clients

Steven C. McRae advocates for clients going through difficult times. A personal injury accident that involves a crash with a car or truck can be life changing, and devastating. You need someone to hold the responsible person or people accountable if you can no longer work, or if a family member died or needs long-term medical care because someone else was not careful or did not obey the rules of the road.

What if I was not 100% healthy before being hurt even worse in an accident?

If your previous condition was aggravated, accelerated or exacerbated by another's misconduct, the law does not discriminate against you just because you may have been more susceptible to injury than someone without your pre-accident condition.

What if there was more than one cause of my harm?

As long as a person substantially contributed to your harm, he or she may be liable for the harm caused. This is so even if that person is not responsible for all of the harm.

If one or more persons substantially contributed to the harm you sustained, each responsible party may be held liable for the degree of harm each caused. North Carolina law recognizes there may be more than one cause of the harm you suffered.

By Your Side During a Divorce

Mr. McRae has represented multiple clients over the years in complex family law cases that involved divorce and divorce issues, such as grounds, child custody disputes, child support, alimony (spousal support), and orders of protection if abuse or threats of abuse became factors in, or outside, a marital relation.


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